Telefon 033932 - 72412
Fax 033932 - 60366
E-Mail info@flugplatz-ruppiner-land.de
Frequency 122,5 "Ruppiner Land Info"
Mo - Fr from 9:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m. lcl time; thereafter PPR till SS+30
Sa, So, Holidays 9:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m. lcl time; thereafter OR till SS+30
The airfield is permitted for: Motorized Planes till 5,7t MTOW, Helicopter, Motorglider, Ultra Light Planes, Balloon, PJE
Elevation 41,25m / 135,3ft
 Asphalt Runway 10 / 28
TORA, TODA, LDA 780m, ASDA 905m (staggered thresholds in both directions)
Fuel: AvGas 100 LL and JET A1

Services offered:

Approx 10 outside positions with lashing straps, more positions without straps
Hangarpositions depending on availability. Please contact tower under 033932-72412 or Hangar Owner under 0171-4902008

There are no taxis at the airfield or the small town next by. Closest Taxi is in Neuruppin (approx. 15 km). They charge no additional driving charge if transfer goes back to Neuruppin. For transfer to other locations add apprx. 10,-€
Taxi Call e.g. 03391-3088 oder 03391-5251

No maintenance at the airfield. Just in case, we will help as much as possible - please check with Tower


For some additional informations for take off and landing please check Link: “Anflughinweise”.

Intense PJE - but no problem, Flying and Jumping runs parallel. Before Landing or Overflying the Airfield please check with Tower!

For price-information please check Link „Gebühren“

For more informations like Weather, Hotels etc.  check Links on right side of website under “Service”

Welcome at our little Airfield!